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Second Floor, 32 Queensway, London, W2 3RX

+ (44) 207 313 4169

Major structural changes to a property located on the prestigious Berkeley Square, London.   

Project overview

Scope of works


Private client

Structural Engineer:

Vincent Rymill


FT Architects


32 weeks


120 sq/m

Project Type:



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Major structural changes

Located on one of the most prestigious squares in London, Knowles’ project on Berkeley Square was delivered to the highest quality whilst dealing with complex site logistics. Knowles’ scope of works at Berkeley Square was to form a new basement beneath the footprint of the building, which included the area under the existing pavement vaults. Within this package, major structural changes were required throughout, including a new roof.


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Adrian Jenkins

Efficient logistics plan

Located on the south-eastern corner, Knowles focused on constructing a strong and efficient logistics plan given the central location and busy traffic route, to ensure the programme to be met and all potential issues or delays were mitigated.

Extensive temporary works

Beneath the surface, the adjacent roadways applied considerable load to the structural retaining walls, therefore extensive temporary works were required to maintain stability of the property. This was achieved by placing the new lower ground floor efficiently, and working under to form the basement which was 9m below the roadways.

The roof was removed, remodelled and replaced with all the architectural features of this listed building maintained both internally and externally.