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12th Floor, Capital House, 25 Chapel Street, London, NW1 5DH

+(44) 203 988 7994

A large scale, private residence redevelopment including an extensive basement excavation.      

Project overview

Scope of works


Private Client

Structural Engineer:

James Frith


Rundell Associates


58 weeks

Basement Size:

260 sq/m

Project Type:



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A Private Residence, on a Large Scale

Pembridge Place, a large scale, private residence, is an example of a project looking to achieve maximum space. The project consisted of the demolition of the existing house, whilst retaining the front and side elevations to ensure a consistent aesthetic with the surrounding properties, along with a basement excavation and a roof extension and addition of a terrace.
The elevations were supported on temporary piles and complex steel framing, and were positioned to allow the construction of a 12m deep 260 sq/m basement which covered the full foot print of the site. The substructure was formed using contiguous piles and concrete retaining walls.


Pembridge Place included the provision for the inclusion of sustainable systems such as heat-recovery from 126m bore holes which were spread throughout the site.

Neil Corbett, Project Manager at Knowles

Perfectly timed

With time of the essence, a key structural decision by Knowles was to cast the concrete lift shaft off the temporary piles from the ground to roof. This method allowed the new upper steel superstructure to be installed within the retained house elevations, while the basement was progressed.
This innovative choice of design provided a programme advantage, as the new floors and roof were timed to be completed in line with the basement structure, a total of 58 weeks.